//stick it to stigma

  • motion
  • graphics
  • aub X creative conscience brief
  • health & wellbeing category
  • collaboration with; nathan warr, jude hughes, louise andrews & luke anthony (VA)

the project;

This is a short motion graphics piece on the damages of stigma around mental health.

I enjoyed the process of this project, working in a small team to a fast-paced deadline gave me some great insight into real-life design work, and it made the result even more rewarding.

We were given the briefs from the 2024 Creative Conscience Awards, and could choose to approach any of the topics we wanted to. The topic of mental health is quite close to my heart so being able to combine a personal passion and a design project was super gratifying.

After some initial brainstorming, I proposed the “Stick it to Stigma” original concept, and we did some research on existing styles of mental health motion graphics, and the discourse surrounding mental health stigma. After a group workshop where we collaborated and did some individual storyboarding and then merged them into a final direction. I worked on getting the midpoint storyboard animated for our animatic crit, and one bad voice-over later (who doesn’t hate their voice recorded??) we got some helpful feedback on how to further our piece. We then finally started animating our final piece. The illustrations and style were designed to be simple, and applicable to different places if needed. I worked on scenes 4,5,6 & 7, culminating in approximately 20 seconds of footage. I also liaised with our voice actor, asking for edits and tweaks where needed.

After we finished the project we were asked if our work could be used for our university communication channels, we ultimately ended up tweaking our final piece to fit the university environment.