• graphics
  • user research
  • experience design
  • branding & comms
  • aub X imagination brief
  • part 1; reimagine your given object in a post growth society
  • part 2: brand your concept
  • collaboration with; louise andrews, scarlet shepherd, liam heisig

This project started with more conceptual work, in a group of 4 we had to use the Post Growth Toolkit to reimagine our given object in a post-growth society. Our given object was MRI scanners, and as you can see from the process pages, it was quite the journey from the MRI scanner to a new approach healthcare system.

The branding of this concept was truly fun. We were lucky enough to get to speak to some of the team at Imagination, Wes and Becca, to get feedback throughout the branding process on what ideas would work best. Here are some of the results: